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Exploring Chungking Mansions (2): Let's hear What Our Clients Thought

The Wandering Voice x Connecting Myanmar

Here are some students feedback after the tour

The best thing for me about this tour is, again, being able to break up the stereotypes and to reach out for the real world beyond my comfort zone. This tour has indeed encouraged me to stay curious and ready to try something new. I would like to thank the Wondering Voice for having organized such an amazing tour, and I am eagerly looking forward to the forthcoming ones!

- Luna, HKU student

Many Hong Kong people like to say that CKM is a very dangerous place, saying stuff like "If you are a girl, don't go there on your own", but most of them have never entered the building. CKM appears to me as an ordinary marketplace, they are just people working to make a living, just like us Hong Kong Chinese. I wish people would realize we are not so different after all.

-Christy, CUHK Student

I had joined The Wandering Voice group on a tour of Chungking Mansion and I loved it. It was an amazing experience to be there just for the sake of being there and experiencing the place with all five senses. The smells were especially inviting and I had the opportunity to try a very crispy Indian bread and a very sweet coconut cake that immediately took me back to my mom’s house with its taste.

I can honestly say I’ve never met more open, curious and friendly people anywhere in the world! I’ve learned a lot about their lives, their ambitions, their struggles and their love for Hong Kong, the city that often fails to see them for what they truly are- Hongkongers. Thank you to Wandering Voice and to our patient guides for this lovely experience!

- Lana, exchange student from Varazdin


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