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Interactive Dialogues with Migrant Domestic Workers (2) What Our Students Say

I joined the wonderful Meeting Migrant Workers Tour. Our first stop was at Central, and I was totally shocked by what I saw there - a totally different aspect of Hong Kong that I had never seen or imagined. This is really an inspiring tour to let us meet with the migrant workers and know more about their real life and needs through face-to-face communications.

- Luna, HKU student

It was an impressive and meaning activity since I have got to know more about domestic helpers in Hong Kong. The beautiful guides introduced us the two "Ale Ale" Streets which are new to me even I live in Hong Kong! Majority of them are from Philippine and Indonesia. No matter the educational background or the home country' policies would affect their working conditions to some extents. I hope domestic workers can enjoy the benefits they deserve to!

- Louise, HKU student

Chatting with those workers was the best memory throughout the whole activity. It was my first time to randomly sit down and chat with these beautiful ladies. They all have beautiful hearts, keep showing us love by sharing their food with us. In order to improve their working condition, they held the activity and vocalized. The tour gave me the chance to communicate with them and raised my awareness among their concern.

- Bella, CUHK student


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