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May 27th Rally - Told in Their Own Voice

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

The May 27th domestic workers rally in Wan Chai, and events that came afterwards like the more recent Pride Parade all served as unique platforms for Hong Kong’s foreign domestic workers to call for fair treatment and to denounce recent political rhetoric by legislative council member Eunice Yung.

Johan Tong, a local Hong Kong citizen who works for a local migrant organisation, explains why she thinks legislative council member Eunice Yung’s comments on domestic workers “affecting the daily lives of the public” and causing “environmental hygiene” issues do not represent her.

Eman Villanueva, spokesperson for the Asian Migrants’ Coordinating Body explains the reason for the May 27th Rally and explains how domestic workers contribute to the Hong Kong economy.

Ma Jai, a member of the League of Social Democrats, explains why Hong Kongers hold a responsibility to champion the case of domestic workers and how they are uniquely positioned to do so.

Terenia Puspita, domestic worker and contributer to Sura Newpaper tells us why, in frank terms, domestic workers use public places on Sundays.

Jhovhie Cantre briefly mentions the prerogatovie of a domestic worker to clean up after using a space, while sharing a message on her shirt.


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