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Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Week 4 Recap - Building Blocks for making Business

Week 4 focused on what it takes to create a successful business. We were fortunate to have trainer Cyron Chan from ImpactX. He conducted a workshop on Lean Canvas, and challenged the students to think of ways to incorporate sustainability into their business ideas. Students demonstrated their creativity, and quickly learned to apply Lean Canvas into the projects they were working on.

We were also honoured to have Marcus Leung-Shea from Origami Labs. He showcased the incredible ORII device, and talked about how Origami Labs, a tech company focused on social good, developed a product uniquely positioned in society to help a particular marginalised group of users. He stressed on the importance of humanity and sensitivity towards marginalised groups’ needs, which are the keys to creating any people-oriented product.

Our sessions are only made possible by the incredible people that volunteer their time, and willingly share their knowledge and experience to help build up a generation of leaders from diverse walks of life in Hong Kong.


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