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Speaking at UNESCO APEID Meeting

It was our honor to be invited as a delegate for the 8th UNESCO APEID conference on entrepreneurship education. Composed of 200 representatives from more than 30 countries, educational institutions, civil society, the private sector and international and regional organizations, 8th UNESCO APEID conference insightfully focused on how entrepreneurship education can equip students with relevant knowledge, skills and aptitudes.

We were glad to share with other delegates how social entrepreneurship could be the key to upward mobility for marginalized youth in Hong Kong. We discussed programmes implemented by The Wandering Voice, and the positive transformation they have brought to ethnic minority youth.

Through this dialogue, we reflected on the important values delivered through social entrepreneurship, such as resilience, cooperation, social awareness and passion. These, we believe, are essential to the success of future leaders in society. These attributes are highly valued not only by Hong Kong employers, but also aspiring leaders over the globe. Indeed, social entrepreneurship is one of the best springboards for marginalized youth in Hong Kong to leap into the international community.

The Wandering Voice will continue to carry out our mission. We are eager to engage in more cross-regional collaborations in the coming years.


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