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Hult Prize HKU Second Runner Up

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Finalist in Global Service Venture Competition (GSVC)



First Prize in Hanyang Social Venture Challenge Finalist in HK Challenge Cup


We won the first prize in a social venture challenge hosted by Hanyang University at Seoul, South Korea this November. It was a great experience meeting other young social entrepreneurs who are making a difference in the society. 


Challenge Cup National Competition

Hong Kong Regional Final

GSVC 2018

Every year over 2000 universities participate with different themes of innovation: technology, social innovation, life sciences etc

Asia Media International

Nov. 2, 2018

"By encouraging community empowerment and solidarity, Wandering Voice hopes to increase student engagement and to foster trust between majority and minority groups. Surely this series of talks is a step in the right direction. By expanding its reach to universities like the Chinese University of Hong Kong, it will broaden society’s grasp of the need to recognize and honor ethnic minorities."

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Zimbabwe’s Power Duo (CUHK UPDates)

MARCH 2019

"Always at the top of his class, Innocent was awarded a government scholarship upon finishing high school to go to the US to study actuarial science, physics and philosophy. In the summer of 2013, he flew back to his home country on the eve of the general election in support of ending the then current regime’s iron-fist rule. His political involvement led to him being kidnapped and his friends getting killed. He managed a narrow escape but found he had nowhere to go to. It’s only at the bustling airport that he found out Hong Kong did not require a visa and so he decided to take a chance."

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Hong Kong-born Nepali, 21, to speak at UN about local ethnic minorities’ fight against racial discrimination (SCMP)

JULY, 2018

"Gurung said one of the points she would raise in Geneva concerned Hong Kong’s school system, where ethnic minorities struggle with learning the Chinese language, as teachers are not equipped to teach it as a second language. This means many students struggle with spoken Cantonese and find it difficult to obtain better-paying jobs. Racial profiling continued to be a problem..."


The Wandering Voice Of Refugees And Minority Groups

APRIL, 2018

"As a columnist in Hong Kong and Taiwanese media, Jessie Yang has always felt writing as an outlet to be herself, describing it as “a world where I can express how I feel.” Yang as well as another founder of the media platform The Wandering Voice decided to give the downtrodden a place to tell their stories."

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