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Seminars on Innovative Approach to social inclusion


On 23 February, The Wandering Voice hosted an interactive event with Table of Two Cities to bring together Yemeni refugees and the wider Hong Kong community in one space. It was a wonderful opportunity to debunk prevailing myths regarding the crisis in Yemen, as well as offer citizens the chance to engage with Yemen’s political history through the unique narratives of individuals.

By creating a space for these two communities to meet up, we hoped to foster education and dialogue. Through our event, participants learned about the history of the conflict in Yemen, and what we can do as global citizens to chart a path to peace and stability in this part of the world.

Starting with a small group ice-breaker chat, the Yemeni participants shared their personal experiences of being impacted by the war. Our participants then learned about Yemeni food, dance, and fashion through interactive presentations.

We were also glad to have a lineup of panels to share with us their advice on how people in Hong Kong can work to empower and support the Yemeni refugee community. In particular, the Yemeni panelists encouraged the audience to use their insights on the issue to influence and educate those who are less informed on the situation in Yemen.

We were happy to see so many passionate people attend our event. The Wandering Voice looks forward to rebuilding Hong Kong as a diverse and inclusive space.


On 9 July, we held a transnational dialogue between Japan and Hong Kong to discuss innovative approaches to social inclusion in Hong Kong.

Sayaka Jess Watanabe, Founder of NPO法人WELgee, and Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia awardee, shared her insights with the audience. She was joined by Tegan Smyth, founder of Table Of Two Cities, and human rights activist Darius Dario.

The discussion focused on creating innovative approaches to social inclusion in nonprofits, corporations, governments, and communities.

The Wandering Voice hopes to change the stagnant situation trapping marginalized people in Hong Kong, including refugees and migrants. The discussion was fruitful, and offered our participants a renewed sense of hope and passion for building a more inclusive community.

The venue was kindly provided by Cafe 8, a social enterprise creating employment opportunities for adults with learning disabilities.


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