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Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Week 2 Recap - The Creative Process

In week 2 of the Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, we direct our attention to the projects initiated by our students.

We were happy to have Joseph Lei, who led an excellent Design Thinking workshop bringing the students far beyond the basic steps, and making it immediately applicable to the students’ ongoing socially conscious projects. Our students were asked to reformulate their proposals using the framework introduced by Joseph. By putting their abstract ideas into solid words and diagrams, our students came one step closer to their social justice ideals.

Then we had talks by Anastasia Simone, senior art director at Leo Burnett and Enoch Ho, CEO and fashion designer of the local Berayah brand. These individuals embody exemplary design thinking in their careers, and had a lot of shared critical information with our students about the lifestyle industry. Our students were awed by the humanistic philosophy behind these design products, and from that they learnt to equip themselves with a caring mindset willing to alter their proposals to cater for future clients’ needs.

We were grateful for the incredible contributions of our community partners.


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