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Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Week 5 Recap - Public Speaking techniques

In Week 5 of our Social Entrepreneurship bootcamp, we covered public speaking and storytelling techniques. We see that it is vital for our students to become effective communicators and convey the values that they hold dear.

We are glad to have Joy Pamnani, who is the junior reporter of the year at SCMP Young Post and contributors to other publications to guide students through tips of public speaking and implement them in their presentation. Watching her energetic and powerful presentation, our students quickly grasped the essence of a good presentation.

In addition, we had three experienced professionals share their stories with the students. We had Maxim Bessmertny, a film producer and director, who talked about his creative productions and experiences in pitching art projects to investors. Next, we had Yasir Naveed, a business professional named one of Asia's top three entrepreneurs by The Economist. Their meaningful sharing widened our students’ imagination of their own future career paths. Lastly, we had Zoher Abdoolcarim, former senior editor of TIME. He talked about his career, and encouraged students to follow their passions, and seize every opportunity to achieve their unique goals.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to all our guest speakers. Their stories kindled the fire, and motivated our students to strive for their dreams.


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