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Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Week 1 Recap

In summer 2019, The Wandering Voice provided an 8-week social entrepreneurship bootcamp to 20 ethnic minority secondary school students. By inviting entrepreneurs to share their insights, and oversee students’ business proposals, we want to encourage ethnic minority youth to think creatively, and consider joining the innovation sector.

In our first week of the social entrepreneurship bootcamp, we were honoured to have Karishma Kash Samtani, Hong Kong Global Goodwill Ambassador. She shared her story, and gave an inspiring talk on how to build up your confidence in networking events, and engage passionately in what you love doing.

We were glad to see Karishma’s speech arouse students’ curiosity in networking. Throughout the workshop, the students were eager to ask questions, and confidently shared their thoughts on social entrepreneurship with their peers and guests. Their active engagement in the first workshop marked a wonderful opening to the 8-week bootcamp.

We also want to give special thanks to James and Carol from Koru Consulting Limited. They provided an excellent opening workshop that challenged and taught the teenagers the importance of mindfully moving towards a sustainable world. For those who would like to know more about the topics, we recommend looking into their 2030 SDGs Game, and other mind-opening workshops.


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